Today I am releasing both the song and video to 45 RPM, which is the only song on the album I wrote especially with the idea of me and pianist Thibault Gomez performing as a duo. When I was sketching up the demo to send to Thibault I recorded it with a simple drum machine guide, and after recording it I erased the beat. It was of course done in a hurry so part of the drum machine, late in the demo, didn’t disappear and to my surprise, I liked it very much and couldn’t resist trying out adding more production… resulting with the song as it is now.”

45 RPM for listening pleasure

Again me, SnorriBros and Tómas Örn Tómassson created the visual for the song. We wanted to work with the warm dreamy-ness and the solitude of the song. And when we were plotting out all of the videos we saw an interesting way to connect the video for ‘Hypnotized‘ and ‘45 RPM’… and that is what we did. At the end of ‘Hypnotized’ we leave the concrete city world and enter a fantasy world where everything is pretty and calm. In ’45 RPM’ we stay in that utopia and watch the fantasy evolve, where it gains colour (literally). 

Is it a dream? Or is it a real place? Either way, it’s never good to stay too long disconnected from the real world is it?” 

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