20+ something years ago, a making of an album began… And it is today that I can with such joy and pride tell you that my debut album as a solo artist, Kick The Ladder, is OUT!

But even though it’s a solo album and I managed to do most of the work myself, there are of course people involved that made this album a reality that I want to thank!!! I’ll start with you @kurt cause no words can describe how thankful I am that you joined me on this amazing adventure, it’s our album, and a better co-producer is impossible to find🧡

Then I’m still amazed by you every day Thibault Gomez and your unbelievable work on the piano and the sounds we got out of it🧡@sigtryggurbaldursson for taking my drum ideas to the next level🧡 @callumbuilder for a cheeky saxophone and @hjörtur on the cello🧡 My “big brother” @sexylazer for always being there for me, listen to me babble, sliding a bassline in there, drinking that natty wine and for being my best friend🧡

My label @onelittle for trusting me and believing in me, and especially @benk there for keeping everything under control🧡
@stevesedgwick for mixing every track magically on the album and @johndavis for mastering it🧡
@asmundsollihogda for doing these mind blowing art pieces to wrap and decorate the music🧡
@snorribros and @tomastomasson for the videos🧡

@gulli and @elli for Fufanu🧡

@alex for loving me, supporting me, being the best mother possible to our child and running our home🧡

My parents in law @stebba and @tolli for flying me and Kurt to New York and @nick for hosting me there🧡

My brothers, @kolbeinn and @broddi for all the behind the scenes assistance🧡

And last but not least… mom and dad, Sigrún & @einarorn. Can’t thank you enough for raising me with the love and the support you gave me to do what I wanted and still today you are not tired of it! You are my biggest role model and the reason this album came to live.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart… can’t wait for more future adventures with you🧡🧡🧡

kaktus einarsson - kick the ladder album
Kick The Ladder

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