Late last summer I put together a band to do my first concert with the music from Kick The Ladder. On the 2nd day of rehearsals, the weather in Iceland was too good for us to stay inside the studio, so we took some instruments to my childhood home where we could rehearse in the garden, in a stripped-down setup making use of instruments that were there (congas instead of a drum kit, and double bass).

I had a very nice feeling about this, so I got band member Albert to record the session and invited a camera op friend of mine Krummi to join to film us while rehearsing… the outcome is a 3 song concert film that will be released on the 10th of December.

The band were Kurt Uenala, Albert Finnbogason, Helgi Svavar and Thibault Gomes.

Space Soul is one of the songs we did, and today, I decided to make it available on all music streaming platforms as a little teaser for the film and to say thank you for listening to my music.

Kaktus Einarsson Live In the Garden
Live in The Garden

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