Today I’m very excited cause I can share with you the video and more music from a wonderful day last summer in my childhood garden – So many beautiful memories of playing the music from the album for the first time live! Such a good way to get a little warmth and sunshine in during these winter days.

The songs we filmed and recorded were 45RPM, Space Soul and Kick The Ladder

First I want to thank my parents for being such a great hosts and letting us take over their home.

The band gets a heartfelt thank you, kurt, thibault, helgi and albert. you are my heroes.

And the extra love I send to Krummi and my brothers for shooting this, and Tomas for editing this all together.
Special thanks go to mus og kött and steffythors for the help and love <3

Live in the Garden

Live from The Garden from your favourite streaming platform

Kaktus Einarsson live in the garden
helgi, albert, kaktus, kurt & thibault
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