Live in The Garden Video

One day this summer, while I was rehearsing with the band for the first live performance of my album, the weather became so good (probably best day of the year), so we took essentials with us to my parents, and childhood place, to rehearse in the garden.

We were going to make use of a double bass that was there, and bring congas instead of a drum kit. I’ve always had this very strong connection to my home and the nature that surrounds it, and it’s been one of my biggest sources of inspiration.

I called Krummi, a film maker friend of mine, and my younger brothers were around to act as 2nd and 3rd camera operators so there was really nothing to stop us. Watching this video brings nothing but amazing memories from that day for everyone… Beautiful surrounding in such a good weather equals good times.

Ocean's Heart video

Ocean’s Heart video features Hulda Vilhjálmsdóttir

Story of 45 RPM video

Again me, SnorriBros and Tómas Örn Tómassson created the visual for 45 RPM. We wanted to work with the warm dreamy-ness and the solitude of the song. And when we were plotting out all of the videos we saw an interesting way to connect the video for ‘Hypnotized‘ and ‘45 RPM’… and that is what we did. At the end of ‘Hypnotized’ we leave the concrete city world and enter a fantasy world where everything is pretty and calm. In ’45 RPM’ we stay in that utopia and watch the fantasy evolve, where it gains colour (literally). 

Is it a dream? Or is it a real place? Either way, it’s never good to stay too long disconnected from the real world is it?” 

Story of Hypontized Video

For the video of Hypnotized we wanted to create a more of a journey through a world where the adults see nothing but colours and happiness while the “naive” children see the world as it is… injustice and freighting.

We decided to make more use of camera movement and angles than in the Kick the Ladder and Story of Charms, but sticking to the super wide anamorphic format. When we came to the editing suite we saw it quickly that we would be diverting from the split screen for this video… The camera movements and the journey was being told so beautifully that we didn’t want to take the focus away from that by pulling any stunts. It was so simple, clear and nice, just like the kids in the video and in the song… they see it as it is.

Story of Charms Video story

Back in the 90’s SnorriBros invented a camera equipment called the SnorriCam. It’s a body-mount camera that gives you the possibility to have the camera facing the actor directly so when the actor moves he stays still in the frame while the surroundings move. I’d always wanted to try it and now that I was working with SnorriBros on this video series I requested that we would do one SnorriCam video… The concept was simple: “Let’s create a split screen SnorriCam one shot”.

In ’Story of Charms’ I talk about how it’s a gentle invitation to feel alive when the wind is blowing in your eyes – and we made use of that phrase for the video.

Instead of walking a peaceful path, we went to an extremely windy place, that was hard to walk through (especially with the SnorriCam attached to you) and I was going to smile through it. The wind was so strong that after the shoot I realised that the veins in my left eye burst from to much direct wind – Great fun.

Kick The Ladder Video Story

The video is a collaboration between me, SnorriBros and Tomas Tomasson. We set out to create a series of music videos for the album that would all be in a dialogue with each other where the final product is an installation with them all, and this is the first one to appear. I’ve worked with SnorriBros before and knew that they would be great partners.

As film makers it’s impossible to put them into a box of one style and they manage to develop ideas in a beautiful way. Tomasson I had not worked with before, but knew his work, mostly with artist Ragnar Kjartansson (including the piece ’The Visitors’), so when SnorriBros suggested him, that was a no brainer. We decided to shoot the video with anamorphic lenses in a super wide ratio… that wide that we would actually fit two frames in one 16:9 widescreen.

By doing that we expanded our creative possibilities of filming and then editing the videos. With me in the video you can see one of the SnorriBros, Einar Snorri. He’s a former break-dancing champion. You can google him and see some crazy cool moves from the 90’s.

There’s a rumour about Einar Snorri that he is actually from another planet so when I went to pick him up to do location scouting, I drove into a landscape with this weird metallic hut, and out came Einar Snorri. I was so amazed that I said “this is the location for the video! Is this the spaceship you came to earth with?”. Einar Snorri just smiled.

kick the ladder video
kaktus einarsson hypnotised