Live in The Garden

Kaktus Einarsson Live In the Garden

Late last summer I put together a band to do my first concert with the music from Kick The Ladder. On the 2nd day of rehearsals, the weather in Iceland was too good for us to stay inside the studio, so we took some instruments to my childhood home where we could rehearse in the […]

The First Concert Coming UP

Mr. Thibault Gomez has arrived and is preparing us and the piano for the concert this Thursday; Kaktus Einarsson í Mengi Due to the circumstances, there will be less tickets available than we planned – so I recommend those who are interested to save your spot by following this link: https://forms.gle/Z2Y2cAWhvL6TjvEw6 Can’t wait to play […]

Ocean’s Heart: the latest single

Ocean’s Heart, the last single before the full album on Friday, is LIVE NOW🌊When I was in New York to finish the recordings for the album, I had this interesting and vivid “jet lag dream” that was a mix of childhood memory and fantasy were a little girl ran along the coast with her kite… […]

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