Remix The Ladder is out

Remix The Ladder

Today is the day! All of the amazing remixes are out on all streaming platforms on “Remix The Ladder” via @onelittleindierecords⚡️ Thank you all for your wonderful work @philkierandj @kuenala_nullandvoid @bufirolas @modularproject @thegoldenravedays @russiang1rls @brandtbrauerfrick @theus_mago @bawrut_silencio @seksylazer @ggaldur @schoolofx @kolbmotha @j0fridur 🧡 “It’s so much fun to get all these different sounds and interpretations […]

Today we go Live in The Garden

Kaktus Einarsson live in the garden

Today I’m very excited cause I can share with you the video and more music from a wonderful day last summer in my childhood garden – So many beautiful memories of playing the music from the album for the first time live! Such a good way to get a little warmth and sunshine in during […]

Live in The Garden

Kaktus Einarsson Live In the Garden

Late last summer I put together a band to do my first concert with the music from Kick The Ladder. On the 2nd day of rehearsals, the weather in Iceland was too good for us to stay inside the studio, so we took some instruments to my childhood home where we could rehearse in the […]

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