The First Concert Coming UP

Mr. Thibault Gomez has arrived and is preparing us and the piano for the concert this Thursday; Kaktus Einarsson í Mengi Due to the circumstances, there will be less tickets available than we planned – so I recommend those who are interested to save your spot by following this link: https://forms.gle/Z2Y2cAWhvL6TjvEw6 Can’t wait to play […]

Ocean’s Heart: the latest single

Ocean’s Heart, the last single before the full album on Friday, is LIVE NOW🌊When I was in New York to finish the recordings for the album, I had this interesting and vivid “jet lag dream” that was a mix of childhood memory and fantasy were a little girl ran along the coast with her kite… […]

45 RPM in sound & vision

Today I am releasing both the song and video to 45 RPM, which is the only song on the album I wrote especially with the idea of me and pianist Thibault Gomez performing as a duo. When I was sketching up the demo to send to Thibault I recorded it with a simple drum machine […]

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